Founded in 1973, the CSO will soon celebrate its 50 years of existence. 50 years of training, outings, discoveries, travel and evolution.
Today the CSO is happy to offer you a modern, active and committed club in Geneva and its surroundings. Partner of the Geneva ambulance school (training assistance), of Net’Léman (cleaning of our lake), invested in the regional and national authorities that are the Swiss Federation of Underwater Sports and the CMAS Swiss Diving, our club is known and recognized.
Today we offer a modern 200 and 300 bar inflation station (air, nitrox, trimix, pure O2), a friendly room that welcomes you every Thursday evening to inflate your blocks and meet other members and who knows, find your future partner. But the CSO is also regular diving trips in the surrounding lakes, equipment made available to its members, trips, festive evenings, various CMAS Swiss Diving courses for adults and children from 10 years old.
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Club Subaquatique d’Onex
Chemin François-Chavaz 62
1213 Onex


Cours Plongée Enfant
École D***
École D***
Formation D2
Formation D2