Swiss Boat Show

Show yourself!

At the leading nautical event on the Swiss market, where professionals and enthusiasts meet.

The Swiss Boat Show is the key event that will allow you to develop your business in Switzerland every year.




m2 of exhibition space



The event and its universe

Be part of the exhibitors !

Take advantage of being visible at the event to increase sales and highlight your dynamism to your target audience, the press and industry professionals.

In the of Europe

Palexpo, an emblematic exhibition venue.

International airport, railway station and motorway : Palexpo is at the heart of all transport networks and offers a capacity of 2,800 parking slots.

360° advertising campaign

Starting April.

On various print and online media.

A short format

Three days, effective and relevant.

November, a perfect time

For the end of year gifts or to fill an order for the next season.

Free tickets

to be downloaded by our visitors.

Visitors can easily generate invitations from the show website.

For all audiences

A boat show both for professionals and individuals.

The exhibition is open to end consumers (B2C). However, due to the size of the Swiss market and the importance of the event, all professionals from Switzerland are attending the boat show. Therefore, through your participation, you will also reach B2B audiences.

Conviviality atmosphere with a rich programme of animations

  • Equipment testing (sailing and paddle) on the 150m2 multi-activity pool.
  • Diving tank.
  • Conferences, workshops and film screenings.
  • Flea markets and classified ads.
  • For young sailors: a treasure hunt, a children’s booth and educational workshops about sustainable boating.
  • For the grown-ups, a special party during the Friday Night.

Specific offers

for some specifics sectors of activity.
  • For cruisers, or tourism and holidays destinations promoters: a turnkey booth in the heart of the boat show, with a dedicated lounge.
  • For craftsmen: a special offer to exhibit works related to the nautical field.
  • For start-ups: an all-inclusive shared space to introduce yours innovations.
©Pierre Albouy – Automnales 2019

Parallel events

On the Palexpo site.

During the Swiss Boat Show, other events will take place within the Palexpo enclosure. Through cross-collaboration, the entrance tickets for those events grant access to the Swiss Boat Show and vice versa.

Next edition

8, 9 & 10 November 2024

Practical information

April 2024 Registration openings
Registration fees are offered until May 31 2024
From June 1 to July 31 2024 Registration fee is CHF 250.00
From August 1 2024 Registration fee is CHF 450.00
During September 2024 Opening of the Shop Online

* Subject to modifications

Tuesday, 5 November 2024 13h‑19h Assembling for some exhibitors, according to a zone schedule.
Wednesday, 6 November 2024 08h‑14h Assembling for some exhibitors, according to a zone schedule.
14h‑19h Assembling for all exhibitors.
Thursday, 7 November 2024 08h‑12h Assembling for all exhibitors. All vehicles must have left the hall by 12pm (noon) at the latest. No access for boats from 12:00.
12h‑22h Assembling for all exhibitors.
(No more vehicles in the hall and no more equipment or trolleys in the aisles. Carpets are installed in the aisles.)
Friday, 8 November 2024 07h‑10h Assembling for all exhibitors (for the finishing)
Friday, 8 November 2024 07h‑10h Exhibitor access
10h‑20h Grand Opening for the public
Restaurant: 12h-14h30 | 18h45-20h
20h‑21h Exhibitor access
Saturday, 9 November 2024 09h‑10h Exhibitor access
10h‑20h Public opening
Restaurant: 12h-15h30 | 18h45-20h
20h‑21h Exhibitors access
Sunday, 10 November 2024 09h‑10h Exhibitor access
10h‑20h Public opening
Restaurant: 12h-16h
Sunday, 10 November 2024 20h‑24h Disassembling
Monday, 11 November 2024 07h‑19h Disassembling

* Subject to modifications

For pricing information, please contact us so that we can study the most suitable offer.

  • Power supply (1 kW during the 3 days of exposure)
  • Exhibitor parking for a vehicle (car or van)
  • Trailer parking for exhibitors displaying a boat
  • The waste tax
  • Wifi access
  • Exhibitor access cards (5 up to 15 m2, 10 up to 50 m2, 15 up to 100 m2, 20 from 101 m2)
  • Free electronic invitations
  • Security