The idea was to specialise in aluminium boats.

Since 2004, aluminium boats for fishing and pleasure craft have been imported, first of all from the Australian brand Sea Jay.
In addition, in the early years ALUBOATS was active in the construction of a small series of aluminium fishing boats and a larger workboat for bathymetry.

In 2005 ALUBOATS switched from its current supplier to Australia’s largest aluminium boat builder, Quintrex, and began importing their multi-purpose boats.
In the same year, the folding aluminium boat from Canada, the Instaboat, was introduced to the Swiss market. After several changes of ownership the company filed for bankruptcy in 2012 and therefore no longer exists.

In 2017 ALUBOATS entered into a cooperation with Bord-à-Bord, an aluminium boat builder from Brittany.

Since 2006 ALUBOATS is a dealer for Honda marine engines.

In 2009 ALUBOATS expands the range of motors by becoming a dealer for Torqeedo electric motors.

In 2020 ALUBOATS becomes Torqeedo service point for the French speaking region.


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